Sightseeing in Miami, Florida

When visiting Miami, there are lots of fascinating places to see, starting from the land tours and ending with Boat tours and Cruises and of course Beaches. Planning tours online in advance is very effective in order to save money and time.

There are several interesting places to visit:

Everglades National Park

There are lots of tours on airboats, where you can sail through the lakes with American alligators. You can spot some rare and endangered species there and hold some real, but small alligators. At the end of the tours, you can visit a restaurant and taste some specialties like frogs and an alligator tail. You can get photos and short videos of your entertainment in these parks. After paying an entry fee of $3, you can choose the most preferable trip for yourself.

Beach with Small Pigs

The most visited places in Miami are Beaches where you can meet small pigs, walk and swim in the crystal clear Caribbean waters and participate in different activities.

Although, most of the tours in Miami are connected to the water (visiting Islands, lakes with dangerous species, pool parties, and different beaches) there are lots of other tours which include visiting some music festivals and museums 

Ultra Music Festival

The most famous music festival in Florida is the Ultra Music Festival, which is held outdoors. It was founded in 1999 by Russell Faibisch and Alex Omes and since then is played outdoors annually. Fans of Depeche Mode will recognize the name of the festival, as it was called after their album Ultra. Usually, it is held on every last weekend of March. It should be on every music lover's bucket list, a year after year they have fantastic line-ups. Prices vary and are quite high. One day ticket can cost you more than $700.

Miami Safari

Another interesting place that you can visit is Safari. There you will get the greatest interactive wildlife experience. For animal lovers, this heavenly exciting place allows visitors to get close to the wildlife. You can hold kangaroos, see arctic wolves, lemurs and 4 species of Foxes. 

Little Havana Food and Walking tour

For those who love tasting different and exotic kind of foods – can buy a Little Havana Food and Walking tour , which costs approximately $65. Except exploring the streets of Miami, you will be able to visit 5 restaurants and taste traditional dishes like Momey and flan ice-cream, Plantain cups filled with peccadillo, guava dish, Cuban coffee and so on. All is included in the price.   

Miami Children’s Museum

 If you are traveling with children, you will most likely choose to visit safe places, where kids won't have to get tired and where you will be able to get them entertained for several hours. There, kids can play all kinds of games like scientific tricks or learn about dinosaurs.

Pop Art with a Sense of Humor                        

Who does not like a sense of humor – in Miami, there is a museum – Pop Art with a Sense of Humor.  Mariane, the owner welcomes anyone, who wants to look to the past and find some traces of his or her own history. He has recreated some of the famous old paintings and added some modern art details, colors and unexpected lines.            

In Miami, you can find lots of other fascinating tours, so plan your time and money and don’t miss anything.

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