Arrivals at Miami International Airport

There are 2 types of arrivals at Miami International Airport – Domestic and International.

Domestic Flights at MIA

When a passenger arrives on a domestic flight, he or she should walk down to the main terminal. It means that after you leave your concourse, you will be on the 2ndlevel and will have to go to the 1stlevel in order to take baggage. Domestic arrivals mean that you are arriving from Canada or Bahamas and therefore you don’t need to go through US Customs and Border Protection’s passport control. For moving to town, you can choose MIA Mover Bus Shuttle or Car rental service, all of which are located outside the terminal, on the first level.

International Flights at MIA

 A passenger arriving on an international flight (not from Canada or Bahamas) should at first go through US Customs and Border Protection's passport control. After this, passengers will be able to take their luggage and clear Custom's control. 

As Miami International Airport is constantly upgrading its services in order to make them faster and more comfortable, they decided to use the latest technological advancements. APC – Automated Passport Control is an automated solution to help travelers go through US Customs and Border Control through a self-service kiosk.

There are 2 more International arriving terminals:

  • South Terminal J – exit at level 3
  • North Terminal D – exit at level 1

In case of losing your baggage or any item, you should go to the Lost & Found facility which is located at MIA, FL 33102 – 5504 in North Terminal D – level 4. It is open 7 days a week from 8:00 am until 6:00 pm. Lost items are stored there for 30 days, but airport stuff will make every effort to find the owner.

After completing all the steps of security and taking the luggage, passengers can choose MIA Mover or a special Bus Shuttle to go to town. Also, in the territory of the airport, you will be able to find several car rental offices, offering a big variety of cars for rent.

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