Car Rental at Miami International Airport


Avis – was founded in 1946 and is recorded to be the first company that provided transportation from the Airport to the town by offering cars for rent. Avia offers lots of options for different purposes like leisure and business trips. It also provides cars for the commercial segment which means you can rent the car and put advertising banners on it. This company has lots of stations in Miami, which makes it very comfortable. Prices are quite low. If you are visiting Miami for business, you can rent a luxury car or you can reserve an Exotic car and move around Miami's beaches and fancy places.


Hertz– is one of the most famous companies for car rentals in the US and 83 major airports in Europe. It offers a variety of cars where you can choose the one, depending on your taste or price that you can afford. Hertz's has several offices in Miami, some of which are open 24 hours a day and another close at 6:00 pm. All cars are insured. You can request to get the car with an infant seat, child seat or a booster seat. According to the reviews, the reservations process can be complete less than in 2 minutes and you can even get into the Loyalty Program (Hertz Gold), which means that you will get notification shortly before the flight about the location. Sometimes they upgrade customer’s cars into better ones as a surprise. 


Alamo– often has big sales. For example, in January, after arriving at Miami, you can reserve a luxurious Renault for only $19 a day. Despite the fact that it is the youngest major player in the market among other car rental industries, it is one of the leading companies with a variety of cars. Although, some of the tourists mention in the reviews that they had to wait for the car to get ready. Even after 10-15 minutes of waiting, some of them were finding out that the requested equipment was not a place. You are more likely to get discounts while reserving the car online in advance.

The budget

The budget– is another car rental company and has 10 offices in Miami, General working hours are from 8:00 am until 7:00 pm.  The advantage of this company is that it has a free service of a pickup. The company offers lots of different cars, but the most bellowed ones for tourists are convertible cars. Due to consistently warm weather in summer and winter, convertible cars allow tourists to convert a luxury sedan into the Exotic car, by removing its ceiling. Prices are quite acceptable for budget tourists. In the case of reserving cars online, there is a big change of getting discounts of up to 30%. 


Enterprise– is in the second place, after Alamo depending on the customer's reviews. Tourists and local people love this car rental company for their good service and friendly staff. Good service includes upgrading cars to bigger ones without taking any additional charge (when they learn that customers have babies with them or lots of luggage ) Enterprise has free cancellations. Also, tourists can get points for reserved days and use them as free rental days. These are the Car Classes they offer: Full size, Luxury, Economy, Sports cars, SUVs, Minivans and Passenger Vans.

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