Departures from Miami International Airport

Miami international airport has 3 (North, Central, and South) terminals, each of which has several gates. They are all connected to each other, so moving from one terminal to another is easy and does not require leaving the main building.

Arrival time recommendations vary by airline, so before getting to the airport, it is better to call your airline to get the exact time of your departure and your gate number. The best time for arriving before your international departure – is 2 hours earlier.

There are several parking spaces, so it is possible to choose the one, which is closer to your airline. Prices can vary from $2 to $17 and more.

While going through security control, it is important to follow some rules. For example, you are only allowed to have on a carry-on bag and one personal item, (purse, laptop, backpack). Each passenger should have a limited amount of metal subject like keys, coins, belts, phone and so on. When taking the laptop, you should be prepared that it can be checked too. And of course, only the passengers, who have tickets, are allowed to go through the checkpoint.

As in all other airports, MIA also has restrictions for taking food and liquid on board. No water bottles are allowed and containers should be no more than 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less per item. Bigger containers are only allowed to be put in checked baggage. In case of noticing suspicious items or activity, it is important to immediately inform airline personnel or airport police at 305-876-7373.

Taking suspicious or banned items through the checkpoint can lead to huge civil penalties, up to $1100.

All checked bag sizes should be no more than 23kg for Economy Class and 32kg for Business and First Class.

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