Parking at Miami International Airport

Miami International Airport offers several parking alternatives, including Garage parking, Valet parking, and outdoor parking spaces.


Dolphin and Flamingo Parking areas

Dolphin and Flamingo parking areas are the biggest parking spaces on the territory of Miami International Airport. Together, they can handle more than 1000 cars and other vehicles. They are open 24 hours a day and offer different parking alternatives. Dolphin parking – serves North terminals D and E. Flamingo parking – serves central terminals F and G and South Terminals – H and J.

The maximum height of the vehicle allowed is 7ft. (2.13 meters), although there is a "High Vehicle" surface parking lot for over-height vehicles and is located on the East side of the Dolphin (North) garage.   

The fees for leaving a car on parking are 2$ - for every 20 minutes. The maximum daily rate is $17 and applies only after 2 hours and 40 minutes. Maximum days allowed for leaving the vehicle on the parking are 60 days, except the places marked as "no overnight parking".

Miami International Airport's parking offers quite comfortable services for every person willing to leave his or her car there. One of these services is Valet parking, which means that the stuff will pick up the keys of your car and will take care of it. This parking space is located at the departure level at North Parking Lot, Level 2 and South Parking Lot, level 2. All passengers will be provided with a phone number, with the help of which they will alert the stuff about arriving, so they get your car ready as soon as you get there. Rates of this service are: $18 for the first 3 hours (on the first day) and a maximum of $30 for leaving a car from 3 to 24 hours. Every next day fair is also $30. Vehicles can be parked there for a maximum of 20 days. For any information, please call +1 305 876 0118.

Tip: While flying Qatar or American Airlines (Terminals D and E), use Dolphin garage. When using other airlines, choose Flamingo Parking space.

Accessible Parking Area

Another comfortable parking service that MIA offers is the Accessible Parking Area, which is designed especially for disabled visitors. These spaces are located on ground level and 3rd level of all garages. According to the Florida Statute 316.1964, only vehicles that have "DV" license plate and other specialized equipment like hand and foot controls, ramps and other details needed for the disabled person, are allowed to use parking area without any charge.

One more benefit, that MIA parking offers, is Waiting Lot with 60 spaces free of charge, for people who visit the airport in order to pick up someone. This lot is located on LeJeune Road and NW 31 Street.

Forms of Payment methods for all parking spaces are:

  • Cash
  • Credit Cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express)
  • Checks (drawn on US Banks)

For any additional details, please call – (305)876-0288

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