Terminal of Miami International Airport

There are 3 terminals located at the territory of Miami International Airport – North, South, and Central.  All terminals are connected to each other and have several different concourses – D, E, F, G, H, and J. The terminals consist of 3 levels. There are Baggage claims on the 1stlevel, on the 2ndone – there are check-in and ticketing services. 3rdlevel was made for parking.

North terminal

North terminal is one of the main terminals and serves more than 25 million passengers annually and more than 300 flights a day. It is used by the biggest airlines like American Airlines, the Caribbean and Latin American. This terminal was finally completed in 2014.

As MIA is one of the biggest and populous airports in the US, it always needs upgrades, new features and lots of automated services in order to serve millions of people annually. Terminal N has 72-lane passport control halls and eight-lane security checkpoints that serve more than 2000 people every day. 

In 2012, the North Terminal won the award of Airport Revenue News (ARN) Magazine for the Best Overall Concessions program. This terminal has 9000 square foot retail space full of shops like Puma, Nike, Adidas, Ocean Drive News and so on.

South terminal

  This terminal is a 1.7 million-square-foot facility with a sleek architectural design that handles concourse H, concourse J, and 28 boarding gates

Concourse H is used by -  Aero Mexico, Air France, Aerolineas Argentinas, Delta Air Lines, Turkish Airlines, GOL, and KLM.

Concourse J is used by -  Air Canada, Alitalia, Austrian Airlines, Caribbean Airlines, COPA Airlines, Avianca, El Al, GOL, Lufthansa, Latam, SAS, Swiss International, Virgin Atlantic, and VivaAir.

This terminal is visited by thousands of locals or passengers and therefore it is not surprising, that it is full of different restaurants, ATMs, Pharmacies, Banks, Currency Exchanges, baby care facilities, and other important service centers.

 There also are 3 lounges: 1. Delta Airlines Sky Club – which can be entered only by invitations, 2. The VIP lounge – which is only for business and first-class passengers with invitations, 3. The Avianca Lounge – only for Business and First Class passengers of Avianca and Star Alliance.

This terminal is also famous for its permanent installation from Barbara Neijna, which is named

as “Foreverglade” and is one of the biggest ever built public-art project, that covers floors and walls of the airport’s two floors with different images, colors, words and lights. 

And finally, you will find there 22 airline ticket counters, 40 passport control lanes, more than 60 popular restaurants, and duty-free, an exhibition – "Rejoicing and Festival of the Americas" and so on.

Central Terminal

This terminal is home for E, F and G concourses and 52 boarding gates.

Concourse E is used by – American Airlines, British Airways, Iberia, Interjet and Qatar.

Concourse F is used by – Aeroflot, Air Italy, Cayman Airways, Eurowings, Finnair, Miami Air, Westjet, World Atlantic, and others.

Concourse G is used by – Aruba Airlines, Bahamasair, Eastern Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Sun Country and United Airlines.

The central terminal has as many bars, restaurants, different facilities, passport control lanes, airline ticket counters as other two terminals.  But, it is more comfortable for Business and Military people as it has these 4 big lounges:

Military Hospitality Lounge – is for military members and their families

Executive Conference Center – accommodates up to 200 people and is comfortable for conferences or meetings.

Premium Lounge – is for only First Class passengers of Iberia, Qatar, American, and British Airways.

Consular Lounge – is for foreign delegations

Club America F – costs $50 per person and is only for First and Business Class passengers.

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